Specialists in Powder Import and Transport
Ships Agency Service

A comprehensive ships agency service operating across Europe’s busiest ports specialising in the logistics of bulk cementitious products.

The Service

Sextant Shipping was established in 1986, our office is situated in the Port of Goole on The River Humber, the UK’s most inland port.

We offer a specialist service in the logistics of bulk cementitious products, such as cement, pulverised fuel ash (PFA) and ground granulated blast furnace slag (GGBFS). Sextant has access to a fleet of modern bulk pneumatic cement carriers, which range in size from 1000 – 6800 metric tonne cargo capacity. These self-discharging vessels offer a closed cargo system that is environmentally friendly with no exposure to dust during loading or discharging. This advanced technology means your bulk powder product can be loaded or discharged with no degradation of powder quality even in poor weather conditions.

The Benefits

  • Complete on-site agency service
  • Expertise in cementitious product marine transportation
  • Tailor made cost effective shipping solutions
  • Direct access to terminal facilities and bulk powder transportation
  • Access to modern fleet of pneumatic self-discharging vessels

We also have knowledge in the transportation of cementitious materials in conventional vessels.

cement extraction from ship to silo

In today’s competitive business environment it is essential that you can transport your bulk powder product in the most efficient way possible and that the product arrives at its destination in perfect condition. This requires an Agent who is innovative and flexible, with in depth knowledge of the marine transportation of cementitious goods. Sextant Shipping is unique in that our shipping services work seamlessly from loading to shipping, handling to transport.

If you have a requirement to transport bulk powder cargoes then please contact Steve Brumpton or Dave Farrow on 01405 769925 or use the contact form