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Bulk Powder Terminal

Our purpose built bulk powder terminal is centrally placed 50 miles inland in a prime location for efficient distribution throughout the UK.

The Terminal

TheĀ silo terminal is capable of handling bulk powder product by compressed air through an aerated floor system which provides a clean and dust free operation, guaranteeing product quality. The three silos provide 7500 cubic metres of capacity which can be operated independently to allow greater flexibility. Computerisation of the operation allows customer access to their own stock or output records via a dedicated link.


  • Dust free process using latest bulk powder handling technology
  • Prime location near motorway network and 24 hour access
  • Computerised system allows extremely precise loading and stock control
  • Fully licensed premises
  • Export & on-site blending potential

The terminal is located 50 miles inland from the North Sea on a port that provides a constant depth of 5.5 metres, perfect for our dedicated bulk pneumatic cement carriers. Its location on the motorway network provides significant cost savingsĀ in terms of road mileage.

More Information

If you would like further information regarding our specialised Bulk Powder terminal then contact us on 01405 766979 or please use the contact form.

Bulk Powder silo available to rent. Please click here for more information